I would say in life there are two different kinds of entrepreneurs. There’s the purposeful entrepreneur. Their intent is to run a business, to build something meaningful. Then there is the entrepreneur that is the accidental entrepreneur. Something happens that shoves them in that direction, or they have a paradigm shift. Russell Brunson and his Marketing Secrets podcast talks about a paradigm shift, and his paradigm shift of sitting at a conference where this individual had gone up to talk about their service, their product, and they had a pitch and they sold that. Then he sat there and watched all these people go to the back of the room, and he was talking about how he started doing the numbers in his head, and how this individual earned $60,000 in an hour.

              And then he saw someone else do it, and someone else do it. And he had this paradigm shift, this changing in his thinking and how he looked at life. The event changed the trajectory of his life and goals. Since I’ve been following him and listening to his podcast and reading his books, to see how that paradigm shift, that one incident in life has directed his life since.

              I don’t think I had anything that impactful, but some time ago I’m sitting in a room and listening to an individual speak, and they’re listing off their skill set, but also how much money they’re making. I realize that they just described my entire skill set. And I came home from that meeting with a different view on life, and what I wanted to achieve.

              As I started to connect the dots here, and here, and here, and here, I was very fortunate to find a fantastic mentor, Richie Norton (which if you are looking to start something, please go check him out, he is a stellar guy). He’s been very instrumental in leading me down this path and giving me a nudge here and a nudge there. And the people I’ve met, but also realizing that there’s so much more that I can do with my skill set. The money is awesome, but the impact on people’s lives. But then also realizing that one of the things I learned from Richie is having an intentional life, living life with intent, but also trying to have experiences over things. It’s been very eye-opening the past 16 months, doing all this, and learning how to connect the dots on everything.

              I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately and just seeing other friends start businesses and have great success. And others that are still working through that process. I feel like in life there are those two entrepreneurs, and maybe that’s too much of a generalization. But I would be interested on your thoughts and would love a comment below.