The last thing a successful business owner or entrepreneur really wants to do is disrupt the flow of business. But there are times as a business owner and entrepreneur that you have to do that. Now, I spent the better part of my life being involved in music consumption. I was raised in a home where music was very much a part of our everyday life.

So, when I was in college, I played a lot of jazz music. And there is a musical term that comes to mind as it relates to business, and that is the term is syncopation. Miriam Webster defines that as a “temporary displacement of a regular metrical accent in music caused typically by stressing the weak beat”. Really what that means in layman’s terms is in normal everyday music you have the downbeat, and it’s a very strong downbeat. It’s the beat that you tap your toe to.

A syncopated beat means that as you are tapping your toe, basically you lightly tap your toe on the downbeat but as your toe comes back up, that’s where the emphasis is. It’s on the offbeat. And I like to look at that as a way of disrupting business. Now, how do you as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, disrupt that? Disrupt that flow without causing issues to your business?

I would dare say you do that by finding other methods to get your message out to the masses. Do you need to get your product, your brand, into a new industry? That’s possible. Find influencers. They are some of the most powerful tools in your set of advertising offerings, that you can find a handful of influencers in just about any industry who could really and truly evangelize and become brand ambassadors so that as you continue to move into that industry, they can help you disrupt it and get your name and your brand and your product out there.

Another method that I particularly like, in large part due to the cost of it right now, is Facebook Video. Facebook Video is so inexpensive now. That’s why it’s so important to get on it right now. You can get your message out to the masses for not hundreds of dollars a day, or even thousands. I’m talking like 10, 20, 30 dollars a day you could get your message out to the masses.

So, if you are just trying to test the waters, you can do that. Or if you have something that you have fine-tuned and you are ready to get out there and get the world aware of it, it’s okay to drop 100, 200 dollars a day behind it. Run it for a week, and in that week, you might have video content that goes out to literally tens of thousands of people.

These are the ways that I like to look at how an entrepreneur or a business owner can disrupt the flow of business, or not so much disrupt the flow of business but disrupt their industry to truly grow and to achieve. Achieve something that they didn’t previously think was possible.

If you found this interesting or you know of other ways to disrupt the flow of business, but still keep business operating, comment below. Let me know. It’d be interested in your thoughts.