Getting the most out of your content and optimizing it, is huge. Especially when you’re an entrepreneur. So, two quick services that I highly recommend that you look at and consider.

If you’re doing video, so take that video, drop it over to What they’ll do, they can get the closed captioning and the transcript. Now, what you do with your video, once you have the transcript, drop it over to your blog post. You have a blog article.

Take that same video, upload it to Kapwing, strip the audio…You now have a podcast.

That closed caption that provided for you, head to Kapwing. It’s a free service that is dead easy to use. You upload your video along with the closed captioning and now you have text overlay on your video.

So you’re optimizing your video content to get the most out of it. And whether people are watching your video with the sound on or off, your message is still coming across.

Quick hacks to get the most out of one piece of content and utilizing it in many different facets. So, good luck. Go out, check, Kapwing. Thanks.

P.S. The screenshot below is the end result of me using these services. I took a video. Uploaded it to to get the Transcript to build this blog post. The captions I then uploaded along with the video to to have text overlay subtitles on my video. Now I can upload that video to anywhere and whether someone has the sound on or not, my message is still getting out there.