Facebook Ads Manager. Google Analytics. A/B and Multivariant Testing. HTML. CSS. ROI. ROAS. KPI. CTR. Open Rate. CPA. AOV. HootSuite. CrazyEgg. Optimizley. Email Marketing. Heat mapping. Spredfast. Adobe Creative Suite. Affiliate Marketing. SEO. SEM. Magento. Shopify. Pixel. Cookie. Funnel Marketing. Social Ad Buying. Display Advertising. Dynamic Ads.

Sound like a different language? It is.

You need someone to break this down. Connect the dots. Simplify the process. Give you the 30,000 foot view. That’s where someone like myself comes in. I’m one of those “social media experts” but you probably haven’t heard of me. I’m okay with that. You just need someone who hears what you need and can make it happen.

For over six years I have built campaigns, launched products, coached/consulted/worked in a variety of industries: paper goods, business coaching, fitness, cooking, e-commerce, influnecer marketing, and more. I have been a part of companies growing and expanding not only their digital footprint but their physical footprint with their product.

In a nutshell…I’m here to help. So, how can I help you?

Click here and let me know.