Over the years one of the questions I am asked the most about Facebook Ads is “How do I scale my ads?”

I get the question. I have been there. You found something that works and now the trick is how do you grow it without breaking it.

I can you tell you that it isn’t a mystery. In fact, I would say it is more science and patience than anything else. It is very tempting to drop a pile of money behind something because you have the glimmers of success.

After years in the industry, here’s four things I’ve learned and I hope it helps.

  1. Be conservative. Just because you found success doesn’t mean you can’t break it and that it will last long. It’s social media after all. The whole process can change on a whim…and it has. So be conservative. On the flip side of that, realize that Facebook Advertising is an engine and it needs fuel. Be cautious, but know that you need enough fuel to keep it running.
  2. Increase in 2030% Increments. The Facebook Ad auction runs on an algorithm. There are parameters, guardrails, to operate within. Personally, I have found that increasing budgets 20-30% of your current budget gives enough to the engine to measure a change without breaking anything.
  3. Make changes every 35 days. The algorithm takes time to implement changes, usually 24-48 hours. So, you want to give it time to take the budget increase, run with it, and optimize accordingly. If you budget is minimal, the change can happen faster but if you are spending upwards of $100/day and you increase to $130/day, it will take time to get up to spending that amount on a daily basis.
  4. Analyze and Report. You can’t be successful if you don’t measure your success or failure. Every 3-5 days, go in and look at your campaign/ad set/ad. Check your KPI’s. Did your cost per event stay the same, increase, or decrease? Was there a change to your CPM or reach (personally I use these as indicators and not my decision maker on the success or failure of something)? Whether it is your money or not, you must measure your changes or you really are just giving Facebook money. Facebook will not hold you accountable, you have to do that yourself.

When scaling ads, this is the foundation I always build on. No matter what Facebook does and doesn’t do, this process is consistent, systematic, and repeatable.

What about you? What have you done to scale your ads? What have you heard? I want to know. Comment below and let’s learn from one another.