I’m going to try to make this as short and as quick as possible. I’ve been in the social media industry for six years. One of the recent terminologies, recent that I’ve heard, is “seasoning the pixel”.

I feel like it’s a bit misleading for what it is that you’re trying to accomplish with your Facebook ad account and the pixel. Because that pixel, someone told me a really good, apt description, is that the pixel is a vehicle for transporting data from one spot to the next; from your website to the ad account.

Now, the idea of seasoning the pixel, I feel like really more refers to the algorithm. The algorithm is this … Frank Kern in one of his podcasts mentioned that Facebook has spent a disgusting amount of money on it, and it’s absolutely true. That algorithm is amazing, because it knows how to find people who have the highest propensity to perform what you are trying to accomplish, whether it’s conversion, landing page views, leads, custom conversions, whatever it may be. But that algorithm is really what learns. It’s not the pixel. The pixel is just a static piece of code that sits on your website. But the algorithm, when you are creating your ad account and you are specifying what it is you are trying to accomplish, it’s the algorithm that’s going out and finding people and trying to accomplish what you’re optimizing for, not the pixel.

You can run video views without ever using the pixel. You can do post engagement. You can do a bunch of different things without ever optimizing or using that pixel. It’s the algorithm that is running that. Now, the pixel is a piece of that when you start running conversions and landing page views and things like that. But it is just a piece of the puzzle, not the end all be all with what you do with Facebook.

I’m interested in your thoughts, what you’ve run into on that.

Comment below. I’d love to hear what things you’ve heard about the “mysteries” of Facebook Marketing. 😊