Not long ago, there was a smattering of people out there saying Facebook reach was going to decline with the update to the algorithm. To be honest, for many, it has, and I am sure it will. Does that mean you should step away from Facebook? NO! Please, for the love of all that is digital, don’t! If anything, it should tell you two things:

  1. Dig in! Facebook has loads of useful information. Find what has worked (like, look back at your content last year and find the best stuff and repurpose it) and is working. Look at your competitors. Scope out your favorite Facebook page and see what they’re doing. It may take a minute, but you’ll find what works.
  2. Diversify! Facebook, Instagram, and all other pieces of the platform are amazing. But they should only be a tool or tools in your toolbox…not your end all. There’s still Google. Twitter. Snapchat (did you hear they recently added advertising on Snapchat?). Twitch. YouTube. Live Streaming. SEO. SEM. Email Marketing. App development. Publications – online/offline. Influencer Marketing. Seriously, there’s a lot.

What about advertising on Facebook? Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that it is alive, and holy toledo Batman is it thriving. If you used only one thing on Facebook, it needs to be their Website Custom Audiences. The possibilities of finding people who have visited your site, purchased, abandoned, spent X amount of time on your page, etc…it’s amazing. Then building adds to target them. THEN…build a lookalike audience. Now you’re just talking crazy.

Moral of the story, or today’s thought. If you aren’t using Facebook as a marketing tool, I guarantee you that your competition is, and they’re loving that fact you aren’t there. If you are, dig in and check out,, Facebook Blueprint, and I promise you will find a nugget there that could easily help you.

My latest “Dig In” is Facebook Dynamic Ads.

What’s yours?